Pipe Screw Conveyor

Pipe Screw Conveyor

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We are a celebrated manufacturer of Pipe Screw Conveyors. Our products are in demand both in the Indian  market. We have successfully carved a niche for ourselves in this product category. These conveyors are manufactured for normal processes, heavy duty processes and extra heavy duty processes.

Advantages and Features

  • safe to operate
  • cannot access it directly
  • Pollution Free
  • multiple inlets and outlets
  • Flexible installation with conveyor angle can be 0-30 degree.
  • Simple structure and require less material to manufacture
  • Less cost
  • save space during transportation
  • screw blades is longer than 3-4m
  • Screw pitch can be customized according to require of different material
Technical Details:-

    Screw Diameter:         150/200/250/300/400/500/600mm
    Rotating Speed:             20/25/32/40/50/63rpm
    Capacity:                    14~110 m³/h
    Max.Conveying Distance: 55m